Fear of Pooing


Top tips to help get poo in the loo

When children’s bowels are working normally, they should produce a soft, easy to
pass poo at least 4 times a week. Ideally, children should pass some soft poo every
day. To help your child get their poo in the loo (or in the potty!), here are some useful pointers:

  • Encourage your child to drink 6 - 8 water based drinks every day.
  • Include fruit and vegetables in their diet.
  • Get them to exercise and move around – this helps the poo to move too!
  • Encourage your child to have a toilet sit at the right time - 20 to 30 minutes after meals and before bedtime.
  • Sit in the right way – make sure your child’s feet are flat and firmly supported on a step or stool, with their knees above their hips.
  • Make sure they have a secure sitting position - they might need a children’s toilet seat if they are using the grown ups toilet.
  • Relax to let the poo out and make it fun! Keep toys, games and books beside the toilet.
  • Massaging their tummy in clockwise circles, and rocking forwards and backwards on the toilet can really help. Get musical and sing ‘row, row, row your boat’ to get the right movement!

For more information about helping your child maintain a healthy bowel and
tackling any poo problems that might happen, visit ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and
Bladder Charity


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