Bedtime for Toddlers


Hello Everyone, Cleo here.

I am a Child Psychologist and Co-Founder of That's Me! I am also a sleep consultant and I am passionate about children of all ages getting a good nights sleep. Changing where a child sleeps can be unsettling and less sleep is not what anyone wants especially when they're looking after young children. Here are some ideas to help support this transition.   

Keep Some Familiarity: Try to keep elements of the pre-bedtime routine similar to ensure the child feels some understanding and comfort with the bedtime process.

Talk about the routine and the changes they may face: Use our My Bedtime book to go through the order of events as this can help the new bed feel less unfamiliar. 

Role play: Pretending to do bedtime with toys can be a great way to develop familiarity with the steps leading to this new event.

Create excitement: New bedsheets or Pyjamas can be really great at getting children excited about this new change. You could also try using some of our free resources

Getting out of bed: Staying calm is key. It is very normal for children to get out of their new bed repeatedly at first. This is especially common when the child was in a cot previously.

Repeatedly bringing them back with minimal conversation is often most helpful. Even if it takes a 100 times!

Try to avoid long conversations. It is not helpful to be told off or being bribed back in. Either approach is very stimulating and does not encourage sleep.

Good Luck, 



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