Top Tips for a Calm Toddler Bedtime


Here are my top tips to create a calm bedtime with your little one! 

1.ROLE PLAY Engage in imaginative play with toys during the day to help children get used to the bedtime routine. Focusing on saying goodnight and leaving the room can be particularly beneficial

2. REVIEW NAPS Having too much or too little day sleep can significantly impact how ready children are for bed. Experiment with a different routine for a few days to see the impact.

3.AVOID SCREEN TIME Try to avoid TV an hour before bedtime. The blue light can stop children producing an important sleep hormone. Reading before bed is the perfect pre sleep activity!

4. CREATE A PREDICTABLE ROUTINE Creating a consistent bedtime routine by following the same activities in the same sequence each night can help young children understand when it's time to sleep. Having a specific book to read can create a powerful sleep association.

Good Luck!


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