Introducing A New Sibling


Hey there, My name is Innie Fryer.    

I am a primary school teacher, mother of two and Co-Founder of That's Me.  

Why is it important to prepare your child for a new sibling? Some children can fear and worry about a new child. They may think that the new baby will take their loved ones away and that they will be forgotten. It is important to reassure them that there is still plenty of love left for them.  

Some ideas to try before the baby comes: Get a doll out and play play play! Games using a doll and the new baby's things will allow the child to role play what having a sibling might look like in your family. You may be able to see what the child is worry about and will be able to reassure them that there will be plenty of space and love for them. 

Where possible try not to give the new baby things the child may have attachment for and if this can't be helped make sure there is plenty of time to get used to the idea. 

Read the My Sibling so they can understand some what having a new baby might look like and to reassure them that there will still be loads of love left for them. We also provide some complimentary free resources to download too. Click here. 

Some ideas to try after the baby has arrived: Buy a present from the new baby to give to the child. This will create a positive feeling when meeting the new baby. Tell the older child how much the new baby loves them. 

Try to arrange some time when it can be just you and the child. Give them plenty of attention especially at the beginning. It can be really tough no longer being the baby of the family and having their parents full attention.    

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